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Colin Hanks Articles/Interviews

By • Jan 27th, 2008 • Category: Colin Hanks, Leading

Colin’s projects “Untraceable, “The Great Buck Howard” and “I Know What Boys Like” were themes in the Chicago Sun-Times Q&A. You can find the article here. But beware, the text includes “Untraceable” spoilers! Since, tons of articles and interviews with Colin Hanks were published.. because of “Untraceable” and the “Great Buck Howard” Sundance premiere, I […]

Roswell DVD re-release (USA/Canada)

By • Jan 25th, 2008 • Category: Roswell

TV Shows on DVD reports that Fox Home Entertainment announced on January 24, that they are re-releasing all three seasons of “Roswell”. A sticker saying “Starring Emmy Winner Katherine Heigl” can be found on each box. The design of the season boxes is new and centers on Katherine as “Isabel Evans”. All three season boxes […]

Entertainment Weekly – Sundance Q&A: Chatting with Colin Hanks

By • Jan 23rd, 2008 • Category: Colin Hanks, Leading

Colin plays the lead in ‘The Great Buck Howard” alongside John Malkovich. At Sundance Festival Colin talks with EW about his new movie, why he accepted the role, his father, and he tells what he is doing next. Read the interview on!

“Untraceable” premiere & Colin talks about the loss of Heath Ledger

By • Jan 23rd, 2008 • Category: Colin Hanks, Leading

Yesterday, the world premiere of “Untraceable” took place in Los Angeles. Colin Hanks, Diane Lane, Billy Burke, Erin Carufel and further cast members as well as the director Gregory Hoblit attended the premiere. Colin’s step-mother Rita Wilson and his Roswell co-stars Majandra Delfino and Devon Gummersall were guests, too. The movie was screened at Silver […]

Colin and Emily spoke with Cinematical at Sundance (podcast)

By • Jan 23rd, 2008 • Category: Colin Hanks, Leading

Colin Hanks and Emily Blunt spoke with Cinematical at the 2008 Sundance Film Festival about working opposite Malkovich, the wonder and terror of show business, and the gap between their on-screen romantic scenes and the off-screen preparation for them. As Hanks explains, “At one point (The Great Buck Howard’s writer-director Sean McGinley) had us rehearse […]

Stars and sons, and daughter at Sundance Film Festival

By • Jan 19th, 2008 • Category: Colin Hanks, Leading

The article “Stars and sons, and daughter at Sundance Film Festival” was published today on TODAYonline. The text is about second generation actors who are following in their father’s footsteps at the Sundance Film Festival. Besides Amy Redford the daughter of Robert Redford, who is making her directorial debut with the movie “The Guitar”, Jason […]

German fans can win “red carpet experience” with Katherine

By • Jan 19th, 2008 • Category: Global, Katherine Heigl, Leading

The german magazine YOUNG, televison channel ProSieben and Fox created a Styling Contest. Participants have to present their personal favorite-glamour-outfits. One person can win a trip to Berlin, Germany, where the premiere of “27 Dresses” takes place at this years Berlinale. Katherine Heigl is going to attend the premiere. The Berlinale takes place between February […]