Katherine HeiglLeading

“Like a goldfish captured in a fishbowl.”

“27 Dresses” hit german cinemas on Thursday. During the promotion tour Katherine spoke to the German press. One question often asked was how her last name is pronounced. “Heigl” is a German surname. Katherine explained to the reporters, that her paternal great-grandparents are from Germany as well as her grandfather on the mother’s side who is from the idyllic Esslingen (Baden-Württemberg nearby Stuttgart).

Besides the topics “27 Dresses” and her wedding, Katherine reveils that she designed a fashion scrub line for peaches, with one personal thing in mind. She explained that her sister works at a animal veterinary practice reception and the women there have to wear blue or black scrubs with cats or dogs on it. When the offer came in, she tought about her sister and designed some cool scrubs her sister could wear, too.

In the same interview with WELT Online, she admits that the amount of attention is strange to her, since she is doing the same things as two years ago. She is an actress, but suddenly everyone is watching her no matter what she is doing. She admits that she often feels like a goldfish captured in a fishbowl. If she goes shopping in a boutique, the paparazzi knock at the window in order that she looks into their direction… just like people knock at goldfish bowls.