Diane FarrLeading

Diane Farr supports the ‘Two Percent” campaign of Sierra Club

“It’s not my world anymore. It’s his, and I owe it to him to help stop global warming.”

says actress Diane Farr in the ‘Two Percent’ campaign of Sierra Club.

The advertisment shows the actress with her son Beckett.

Scientists say that we can curb the most dangerous effects of our changing climate if we cut our carbon emissions by 80% by the year 2050.That’s an achievable 2% reduction a year — the 2% Solution! Everyone has a role to play — you,me, businesses and government. How about starting at home,washing the mountains of baby clothes in cold water in an energy- efficient washing machine? Then make sure to only run the machine with a full load. Hey, it all helps, it all adds up.

BE PART OF THE SOLUTION. TO FIND OUT WHAT YOU CAN DO, VISIT: www.sierraclub.org/twopercent

Amber Tamblyn, Eva La Rue, Stephen H. Schneider or Danny DeVito are supporting the project, too. You can find PDF files of the ads for download on sierraclub.org/twopercent