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16 ‘Lost’ Celebs picnic in the park

In early August at Kapi’olani Park, 16 ‘young stars’ met who played Baby Aaron on ABC’s “Lost”.

Thus, 13 girls and three boys who all played the role of Aaron on Season 4 of the popular series “Lost” ate, laughed, cried, frolicked, and did all the things babies are known to do. In this case, they each fit a remarkably similar bill — round-headed, blond-haired cuties clad in black “Baby Aaron” T-shirts.

On the “Lost” series, Aaron is the mysterious child of the character Claire, who was pregnant when she survived a plane crash on an island where the series takes place.

But although Aaron is a boy, most of those who have portrayed him have been of the gentle persuasion.

“Females tend to have the rounder face and they don’t age as quickly,” said Julie Carlson, the “Lost” extras casting director who has rounded up a total of 76 different babies to play Aaron on the series since the show’s second season. “Plus, the boys squirm more.”

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