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Second “Bones” Episode with Brendan airs January 22, 2009

The second “Bones” episode with Brendan Fehr as Jared is going to air January 22, 2009. According to the 13th episode of season 4 is titled “The Hero in the Hold”.

Season 4, Ep 13: The Hero in the Hold
Booth is kidnapped by the Grave Digger and the Jeffersonian team must find and save him before it’s too late. Meanwhile, when evidence from the Grave Digger’s case goes missing, Brennan and Hodgins are suspected of taking it.

Aired: 1/22/2009

In the blog section of you can read a review of the last episode Brendan appeared in. It has some paragraphs about the character Jared Booth, Brendan is portraying in the series. Read it here: ‘Bones’: Booth, Brennan and Booth-Light

Read here an excerpt from the entry:


Booth and Brennan and Booth
The case was ok — I didn’t peg the sheriff as the culprit immediately, but perhaps I’m a bit slow — but the real fun came from meeting Booth’s younger brother, Jared. Jared seems to be everything Booth is not — he’s gleefully charismatic, obviously successful (he’s just been assigned a plum post at the Pentagon), very open, and willing to take emotional risks. He’s also willing to talk about himself — and his brother. Seeley is afraid of success and stays in his comfort zone. Jared strays into Brennan’s comfort zone by kissing her. “I bet you Seeley never took that risk,” he says, post-smooch. Brennan looks a bit smitten.