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“33 Variations” – Playbill article

“33 Variations” was previewed February 9, and opens March 9 at the Eugene O’Neill.

Playbill features an article about Colin with some interesting facts.

About the audition for the play:

At his audition to play a male nurse, Hanks was “deathly ill. I had a very bad cold, and came in doped-up on all sorts of over-the-counter medications. I don’t remember much of it.” When the meds started working, so did Hanks, who “did a little better” at his callback, and was cast as Mike Clark, “a very loving guy, sweet and sincere.”

Previous stage work include the college productions of “Cuckoo’s Nest” and “Noises Off” and “This Is Our Youth”. Colin reveils that he auditioned for a Broadway play before:

He tried out for the role of a World War I British soldier in the Broadway revival of Journey’s End. “I was the guy who auditioned right after Stark Sands [who was cast]. Stark’s a very, very good guy. I met him doing ’11:14,’ my first foray into the independent [film] world. It was great fun, but never made it to theatres.”

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