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“Ten Inch Hero” with John Doe – DVD is available for pre-orders

Since February 17, the DVD of the independet film “Ten Inch Hero” is available to rent in Blockbuster stores nationwide. Now, the official “Ten Inch Hero” Blogspot announced that the movie DVD is available for pre-orders on the web:

Saturday, February 21, 2009
Ten Inch Hero DVD Available for Pre-Orders on the Web
We did it! We opened up a Ten Inch Hero store HERE!

You can pre-order the DVD for April delivery and also purchase a shirt that’s identical to those given to the cast and crew during filming.

Also, thanks for the terrific offers to help with the website. We have someone wonderful helping, and we’re good. Once again, I’m humbled by our wonderful fans.

Posted by The Ten Inch Hero Crew at 12:27 AM

The movie starring Elisabeth Harnois, Clea DuVall, Jensen Ackles as well as John Doe, is about four friends deal with their love lives and learn about themselves while working in a funky sandwich shop in Santa Cruz, California.

Please visit the official sites to watch the trailer and learn more about the movie!


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