LeadingShiri Appleby

Shiri is currently working on “Unstable” for Lifetime

Shiri Appleby is currently working on a “white-knuckle” thriller for Lifetime Television and Granada International titled “Unstable”.

Filming began last month in Toronto. According to Muse Muse Entertainment and Automatic Pictures Inc. who are producting the film, the first scene was shoot on February 20.

Charlie Bohl (Swimfan, Martha Behind Bars) wrote the script. Read here some more about the story and the people involved:

Appleby plays Megan, a newlywed fighting to stay sane when she suspects her perfect husband is keeping secrets. David Alpay (The Tudors) takes on the role of Woody, the seemingly adoring husband, and Kathy Baker (Last Chance Harvey, Boston Public) plays Megan’s mother. Charlotte Sullivan (Smallville, Murdoch Mysteries) plays Samantha, Megan’s sister and John Bourgeois (XIII, Taking a Chance on Love) steps into the role of her father.

“Unstable is the kind of project I relish: a solid, complex story that calls for terrific performances in a really stylish package,” says Director Don McBrearty (Accidental Friendship, The Interrogation of Michael Crowe, Emily of New Moon).


“Unstable is a psychological thriller that keeps the audience guessing,” says Solomos. “It features a young woman who thought she had it all together. But as the seams keep popping, we are left to wonder: is it all in her head?”

You can find more on www.muse.ca.

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