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Emilie de Ravin about “Lost”, “Public Enemies” and other projects

On April 3, 2009 Bend Weekly News published an article with some quotes by Emilie de Ravin about her return to the ABC show “Lost”.

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Emily de Ravin anticipates return to ‘Lost’

FAR, FAR AWAY: Emily de Ravin is already anticipating her return to “Lost” after a season away from the show. “It will be fun going back and fun to see what they do with their final season — so interesting to see how they tie everything up,” says the beautiful 27-year-old Aussie actress. “I believe we start shooting again in August or September.

As for her character, Claire, “I have no clue where I’ve been.”

As for herself, de Ravin has been busy with big and small screen projects including “Public Enemies” with Johnny Depp. “That was a completely different experience for me — by far the largest production I’ve worked on — doing a scene a day when on an indie you’re doing five, six or seven scenes a day. I had an amazing time. Obviously, working with Johnny was fantastic. He’s a lovely man as well as being insanely talented. And I enjoyed the hair and makeup and wardrobe and those fun things. People were so different back then,” she says of the 1930s.

The actress also has the films “Rogue’s Gallery” and “The Chameleon” on the way, the animated “Gaurdians of Ga’Hoole” — and tomorrow’s (4/4) “Nora Roberts’ High Noon” Lifetime movie, in which she plays a hostage negotiator for the Savannah, Ga., police, who finds love with the man who can save her (Ivan Sergei).

“My character is so strong and three-dimensional. She’s dealing with so much in her life — she’s a single mom with a high-pressure job. Just that alone would be enough, but she’s also dealing with her mother, who is agoraphobic.” That character is played by Patty Duke, “a great actress and lovely lady,” de Ravin says. She also says, “It’s a wonderful, hopeful story.”