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Heigl and Fehr attended “The Beach” premiere

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THE SCOOP ON THE BEACH: The stars were out in force last Wednesday night at
the Hollywood premiere of “THE BEACH.” Since the movie is Leonardo DiCaprio’s first since “Titanic” it understandably has a lot of buzz surrounding it and, let me be the first to say, rightly so. The movie is excellent. Leo and his supporting cast, most notably French actors Virginie Ledoyen (the luscious
beauty who plays his love interest Francoise), and Guillaume Canet (the boyishly charming Etienne) as well as British thesps Tilda Swinton (the power
hungry Sal) and Robert Carlyle (the pivotal Daffy) do an excellent job in bringing laughter and pain and excitement and confusion to the table. This movie rocks…not only is it (and the actors) beautiful to look at – you walk away from it thinking a lot about morality and the way we live our lives. With all deference to Messrs. Siskel and Ebert I give it TWO THUMBS UP! As for who was at the famous Mann’s Chinese Theater:

I ran into JENNIFER LOVE HEWITT in the little girls’ room – Love was primping and seemingly agonizing over the tinyness of her “costume.” And, I say “costume” because that is what she seemed to be wearing — a belly dancer sort of ensemble that barely encased her alarmingly bony body…(when did
voluptuous Love get sooo painfully thin?)

I sat behind SCOTT SPEEDMAN who, sporting his uniform of baseball cap and jeans, hunkered down in his seat and tried to remain unseen. Sorry Speedy…zoned right in on ya. My only question was…where was Keri?

LEO appeared with his posse (of course!) looking very much the movie star he is…fully decked out in a nice well tailored suit that fit very well. This guy is one heck of an actor folks…he reigned supreme up on that big screen.

As for others in the crowd, DAISY FUENTES and a couple of gal pals sat behind me – Daisy, who’s totally beautiful in a very natural Ivory girl sort of way, was dressed down – wearing a tee-shirt and jeans.

RACHEL HUNTER, who’s out and about ALOT since her break up with Rod Stewart looked good in a light blue trench coat type thing.

ROSWELL stars BRENDAN FEHR and KATHERINE HEIGL were practically joined at the hip – Katherine, as usual, looked great – very put together in a cowboy inspired outfit and Brendan, well, Brendan always looks like he got dressed in the dark but manages to look yummy nonetheless!

Dashing red-head DASH MIHOK, whom you may remember as Lynn, the bartender, on “Felicity” last season (and who also dated Alanis Morrissette for a while) was there with his boys scarfin’ on popcorn, JULIETTE LEWIS who is BLONDE now was dressed totally down in and Adidas-like T-shirt and ratty pants.

CHARMED hottie Greg Vaughan was in the house, looking way cute (and seemingly
unescorted), ERIC CHRISTIAN OLSEN who plays Cameron on FOX’s excellent GET REAL was with a girl in tow and Boy is that guy TALL! He towered over little old me.

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for yourselves who sizzled in the Hollywood night air!