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“Grey’s Anatomy” podcast

Another great news entry was posted yesterday on Kheigl.com regarding this weeks official “Grey’s Anatomy” podcast. This weeks podcast featured the writer and director of the most recent episode “Sweet Surrender”.

Kheigl.com: In the podcast, writer Sonay Washington and director Tony Phelan spoke about Izzie’s battle with cancer, Katherine’s performance and how realistic she wanted the portrayal of her characters health to be. They also revealed some amusing behind the scenes moments with the cast. Here are some brief transcripts from the podcast, but to check out the chat in full visit the official Grey’s Anatomy website: Grey’s Anatomy Official Podcast 4/24/09

[…] Sonay Washington: and… I give… I give kudos to… to Katie because she said “I want to be sick, like don’t put a lot of makeup on me, I want this to be as realistic as possible…” and here you have this gorgeous woman who is willing to do whatever it takes for the role… for this… for this part. I was just in awe of her the whole time. […]