Devon GummersallSupporting

Devon Gummersall in “Tripping Tommy”

Devon Gummersall is working on a new project titled “Tripping Tommy”.

This movie is listed on the Internet Movie Database. They give the information that Sarah Carter, Mickey Faerch, Kevin J. Ryan as well as Philippe Caland and Tara Hunnewell are among the cast.

Independent filmmaker Philippe Caland is the director and writer of this movie.

On an article about the filmmaker of “Tripping Tommy” was released in January 2009. Please follow this link to learn more about his life and past projects.

In addition they mentioned “Tripping Tommy”:

[…] Philippe Caland’s next film, a thriller and dark comedy called Tripping Tommy, will start shooting in a few weeks. It is also inspired loosely by events in his own life and his up and down journey in Hollywood.