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Zap2it.com and TV Week about “Life UneXpected”

In the Zap2it.com Blog “From Inside the Box”, Rick Porter added an entry about the new show titels for the CW “Parental Discretion Advised” and “The Beautiful Life”: The CW: WTF is with ‘TBL’ and ‘UneXpected’?

As already reported, “Parental Disretion Adviced” has been renamed “Life UneXpected”. The working titel “Light Years” was refering to the girls name Lux which means ‘light’. The first promotional posters still have the title “Parental Disretion Adviced” on it, but the network changed the name of the mid-season drama again.

The capital letter X in “Life UneXpected” does highlight the name of Robertson’s character, Lux, but it looks like a typo.

Joe Adalian at TV Week writes that unlike the “3” in “Numb3rs,” the capital “X” in “Life UneXpected” makes no immediate sense. Read more about it here: WTF? Networks Ditch Logic with New Show Titles

“Live UneXpected” is the story of a young girl who finds her biological parents and how that discovery changes all their lives. The show stars Britt Robertson (“Swingtown”), Kristoffer Polaha (“Mad Men” and “Roswell” guest star), Shiri Appleby (“ER”) and Kerr Smith (“Eli Stone” or “Dawson’s Creek”).

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