Julie BenzSupporting

“Dexter” Season Premiere on Sunday Sept. 27

Tomorrow the Showtime series “Dexter”, which focuses on the serial killer who works as analyst in the daytime, comes back for its fourth season.

Julie Benz plays his wife and she has recently talked to reports about her role in the show and of cause her other projects. In addition, a lot of articles have “Dexter” as topic.

Articles and Interviews:

Another killer season of ‘Dexter’
September 26, 2009, www.boston.com

Dexter’s a daddy, Lithgow’s a baddie, but deadly secrets remain
September 26, 2009, www.thestar.com

Lack of sleep makes ‘Dexter’ return a killer
September 26th 2009, www.nydailynews.com

Julie Benz: ‘They could kill Rita, you never know!’
September 25, 2009, www.nypost.com/blogs/popwrap

“Dexter” premiers on Sunday September 27 at 9pm ET/PT on Showtime. You can find the official “Dexter” website here.