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Set Visit: Article and Pictures – “Lucky”

When the “Lucky” production filmed inside the 1892 German Bier Haus, a pub on West Broadway in Council Bluffs a writer from the World Herald Staff was among the people on set of Colin’s current project about a wannabe serial killer who wins the lottery.

On that location they shoot the party Hanks’ co-workers at an accounting office throw for him after he wins the lottery. Hence the bar location.

The serial killer (Hanks) is sort of a shy loser who lives at home with mom (Ann-Margret). But after he wins the lottery, the girl he’s had a crush on forever (Graynor) hits on him.

Nice. Sort of.

“She’s in a tough spot,” Graynor said of her character. “She loses her job, her boyfriend breaks up with her, and neither she nor Colin’s character really knows how to relate to others very well. But the money looks good to her, and she has this need to feel special. But then she surprises herself by experiencing real feelings for him.”

Gil Cates explains that “Lucky” is a dark comedy and character driven. Furthermore, the tells that there is not a lot of violence. “It’s not bloody. It’s a love story at its heart, fun and kinda edgy.”

In the article, Colin Hanks told the reporter that he was drawn to “Lucky” as “a chance to do something different, to be funny but not necessarily in a broad sense. It seemed like a fun dynamic.”

Filming started Sept. 8 and is expected to wrap by Oct. 14. Producer Caitlin Murney said one final day of shooting will take place in Los Angeles, which will stand in for Hawaii. Post-production will continue through March.

Make sure to read the full article on There you can find three pictures, too!

One shows the director taking with Colin during a rehersal sccene in “Lucky”. The second image shows the activity on the set as well the third one.