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AOL Television Interview – Julie Benz

AOL Televison caught up with Julie Benz and got the scoop on all her upcoming projects, including several feature films like “Uncorked”. The actress talks about “Dexter” and her indie projects “Bedrooms” and “Answers to Nothing” as well as “Desperate Housewives”.

It’s been a wild ride for Julie Benz lately. Her character, Rita Morgan, was tragically killed off in the season four finale of ‘Dexter,’ and now she’s playing a stripper taken in by Susan on ‘Desperate Housewives.’ Her run on that show has just been extended.

[…] And I see you’ve got another movie coming up called ‘Bedrooms.’
It’s a little Indie film I did. It’s about four different stages of a relationship, four little vignettes put together. The vignette that I’m in is with Daniel Berkley and Jesse Garcia. It’s kind of quirky and fun, but there are also very dramatic vignettes.


What is ‘Answers to Nothing’?
That’s a little Indie film I did with Dane Cook and Elizabeth Mitchell. Everyone thinks it’s a comedy but it’s a drama, kind of in the vein of ‘Magnolia’ or ‘Crash.’ It all centers around this girl, and I play the detective who investigates the missing girl. A very heartfelt drama.


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