Brendan about “Roswell”, “Samurai Girl” & “Cutting Edge”

Disneydreaming.com published just the first part of the conference call with ABC Family’s “The Cutting Edge: Fire & Ice” stars Francia Raisa and Brendan Fehr. (“Cutting Edge” – Disneydreaming Interview). The full interview can be found on disnology.com.

The interviewer asks Brendan about “Roswell”, “Samurai Girl” and “Bones”, too. Make sure to read his answers.

Q: Brendan, I can’t get you on the phone without somehow bringing Roswell up into this because of the background there. Is it coming up on ten years now that that show has been off the air. And then the fan boards, your message boards, all those places are still just really incredibly active. What do you think ten years later? Does that surprise you? Did you ever think it was going to be that way ten years form now back when you were doing that?

Brendan: It’s gone by so fast. Obviously, a lot has happened since then. I always knew going into it, that if you take a look at something like Star Trek or Star Wars, and I’m not comparing Roswell to those kind of huge iconic things, but any sci-fi property, it tends to grow a lot of legs if it’s done well. So in that respect, there are fans that are loyal and in the beginning, they didn’t always get projects or films or shows that were of the highest quality. So when people started putting money and time and technology into these types of programs, and making them as on the same kind of level of quality as other filmmaking, you can see that there was something there to hold onto.

So it’s waned a little bit in popularity having not been on television for ten years, but the fans are behind it. It doesn’t surprise me because that loyalty factor that’s always there with the sci-fi fans, it’s unlike anything else. It’s kind of nice to see that it’s brought some people together on those boards and people have made friends as a result of it. But, it was a great experience and I’m glad that people enjoyed it.

Q: Just one more follow-up for you, Brendan, is there any word on Samurai Girl? Are they going to do anymore in that series or do you know yet?

Brendan: As far as I know, that’s done. We got six episodes and we had left it open for a possible television series or some sort of a follow-up. But, that is at its end as of right now.

Q: Brendan, will we be seeing you on Bones again this season?

Brendan: I don’t know. I don’t know what’s happening with my character, actually. I haven’t been told. It’s kind of the same situation I had with CSI in the sense that if the storyline happens to come about, they just give me a call a month in advance and say are you available and this is what we have going on. It comes out of the blue, so I haven’t been made aware of any future storylines, but I hope that would be the case. Hart Hanson has always told me that any time he can and any time it makes sense, he would love to have me on it. But it’s a two-hander. It’s definitely Bones and Booth and that’s what the show really is about, so it has to make sense to interject other characters in there. Hopefully they come across a storyline that makes sense, because I’d love to go back.