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“CSI: NY” – More information on Brendan’s Guest Spot

In March 2010, Brendan Fehr was on the set of “CSI: NY” to shoot his guest spot in the episode #6.20 entitled “Tales from the Undercard”. Brendan plays a character named Al Branson. According to the episode premieres May 5, 2010.

When a slab of concrete starts bleeding in midtown, the CSIs’ investigation takes them into the underground world of hardcore fighting, where men moonlight as “weekend warriors” for the pleasure of a live viewing audience.

On his official website, Brendan wrote “I’ve gotten to work with my buddie Eddie Cahill and it’s been great catching up and all. I was also glad to see Carmine (golfing pals) though I don’t have any interaction with him in the episode. All in all, it’s been great, timely, and enjoyable.”

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