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“Bones” returns – What about Jared?

“Bones” returns this Thursday, November 3rd 2011, at 9/8c on FOX.

Are we going to see Brendan Fehr again in the show’s seventh season?

Brendan Fehr plays Booth (David Boreanaz) little brother Jared on the show and since Emily Deschanel’s real-life pregnancy will be incorporated into the show, Jared Booth will become an uncle soon… a perfect time for a family reunion. Don’t you think?

Creator Hart Hanson explained to Give Me My Remote “Well, I can’t say yes to Jared yet, because we have all these characters who are [played by] working actors and they’re not available. Loren Dean, [who plays] Russ Brennan, has had some availability issues…I think we’ll wait and see Parker after the baby is born. And Max [will also] be after the baby is born.”

Cross your fingers for a reunion of the Booth Brother’s later on the show. In 2009, actress Emily Deschanel shared that she likes working with Brendan Fehr. She thinks there is an interesting dynamic there and that it helped deepen her relationship with Seeley Booth.

Brendan himself would love to go back. In March 2010 he explained to that it’s kind of the same situation he had with CSI in the sense that if the storyline happens to come about, they just give him a call a month in advance. “It comes out of the blue, so I haven’t been made aware of any future storylines, but I hope that would be the case. Hart Hanson has always told me that any time he can and any time it makes sense, he would love to have me on it,” Brendan said.

He added “But it’s a two-hander. It’s definitely Bones and Booth and that’s what the show really is about, so it has to make sense to interject other characters in there. Hopefully they come across a storyline that makes sense, because I’d love to go back.”

Jared Booth first appeared in the fourth season for a longer story line and he made a guest appearance in the fifth season as well. Visit the official “Bones” website on FOX and make sure to read the full article on Give Me My Remote:
BONES: Hart Hanson Teases Season 7

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  • oldbill

    Maybe Jard could be working with Booth on some cases and become a fixture in the family scenes.
    trying to get Brenden i a leading role in a vehicle is like trying to ice skate on the Niagara
    Best luck

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