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Shiri: “Fans from ROSWELL have been amazing”

Shiri Appleby chatted with IF Magazine about her character Cate on “Life Unexpected” and playing a radio host. In addition, she talks about being on a television show. After the cancellation of “Roswell” Shiri worked on several feature films, but she landed a recuring role on “Six Degrees” in which she starred as Anya for six episodes.

Later, she joined the cast of “Emergency Room” and played Dr. Daria Wade in the finale season. In the interview with IF, Shiri admits “I had been dabbling in television, but to commit to a TV show is really like committing to a marriage. It’s a lot of your life. You’re not seeing your friends, you’re not seeing your family, so I don’t want to commit to something unless I’m fully behind it inside me and I did two other pilots that didn’t make it this far, but with this show, I felt ready to do it again.”

Shiri explains to the magazine why she loves playing Cate Cassidy on “Life Unexpected”. “What I like about the fact that the character is so complex is, you never get bored. She’s never doing the same thing.” Show creator Liz Tigelaar brought a love triangle in the show which centers on Cate, Lux’s birth father Baze as well as her fiance and co-host Ryan. The actress tells “With Baze, she’s a sixteen-year-old; with Ryan, she’s trying to be an adult. With Lux, sometimes she is a mother, sometimes she fails. By herself, she’s very broken. There are so many facets to her, I don’t get bored.”

“Roswell” fans are mentioned in this interview, too:

[…] iF: Do you still hear from people who are fans of yours from ROSWELL?

APPLEBY: Absolutely. Fans from ROSWELL have been amazing. They have followed me the whole way. I’m so grateful.

iF: Do you want to go back and forth between television and film, or do you have a preference?

APPLEBY: My preference is good material. I’d love to do theatre, I’d love to do film, I like to work with really good directors. It’s really about just connecting with the material and telling a story that I can understand and connect to. I think what’s very interesting about Cate that I respect a lot is that she’s just trying. She’s making a lot of mistakes and she’s trying, but she’s learning from them. It’s like each episode, she’s taking tiny little baby steps, and I think that’s pretty interesting.

The full interview is available on ifmagazine.com.