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Devon Gummersall directed music video for Billy Burke

Devon Gummersall recently directed the documentary “Lawn Chairs and Living Rooms” about singer/songwriter Brian Vander Ark, front man for the platinum-selling ’90s band “The Verve Pipe”. In April, when the actor was in New Orleans to work on ABC’s “The Gates” he directed a music related project again.

When actor and musician Billy Burke, best known for his roles in “24”, “Untraceable” (co-starring Colin Hanks) and this saga with the sparkling vampires, was working in Shreveport on a film entited “Drive Angry 3D” Devon and he both thought it might be a sweet opportunity to shoot some unplanned, guerilla style footage for an impromptu video for “Removed”.

Billy Burke published the final result on his official website writing:

[…] In that spirit, we managed to throw together a little something while on location in Shreveport, Louisiana. Some of you might know that for the past couple months I was there filming a pretty groovy and I think, pretty bad ass (somewhat adult) 3D action road picture (directed by Patrick Lussier) with Nicolas Cage called “DRIVE ANGRY”. On one of the few days that I had free, I had the good fortune of being visited by my close friend and up and coming filmmaker Devon Gummersall. He and I both thought it might be a sweet opportunity to shoot some unplanned, guerilla style footage for an impromptu video for “REMOVED”. My super-cool wife and best pal Pollyanna Rose agreed to play with us and thus, we set forth on a one day into night excursion to see what we could come up with. As you’ll see we started out on the deserted streets of Shreveport and ended up literally, in the closet of the house we were renting.

So alright, listen… admittedly we’re not shattering any earth or reinventing any wheels with this thing. We just wanted to give you all something visual and perhaps visceral to experience while we prepare the “drop” of the record and I really wanna thank my friend Devon for rocking us with his talents. Anyway, if you get any mild entertainment, amusement or even a bad taste in your mouth from it, hit us with a comment below this post, over at youtube, twitter, facebook or wherever you’re so inclined. We installed a comment reply notification here on the site so if myself or anyone else responds to your comment you’ll be notified by email. […]

Please read Billy’s full entry on and make sure to watch the music video:
REMOVED Music Video Is Now Live

In October 2009 Devon decided to finally join the digital age. Please make sure to bookmark his official website which you can find here: In addition, Devon is on Twitter. You can find his page @DevonGummersall.