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Emilie de Ravin – GQ Interview

GQ.com spoke with Emilie de Ravin about “Lost”, the finale episode and how tough it is to say goodbye to a character.

[…] Now that it’s all over, what did you really think of the last episode?
Well, I gotta go back to when I was reading it. The whole last script was printed on dark red pages so that it couldn’t be copied, and we didn’t get the last ten pages until the night before shooting it. I was so moved by it. It wasn’t like, Oh, it’s the end of Episode 5. It was like, Wow, this is the last time I will ever read a “Lost” script again. That had major resonance.


You’ve had an interesting track record with your acting roles. In the TV shows “Roswell” and “Lost” and in movie Brick, you played a pregnant woman.
I must have some sort of maternal draw to me. I do love children, but I don’t really talk about that in auditions. Hi! I really love kids! Book me! But I keep reading scripts that are like that, too.

Is it tough saying goodbye to a character you’ve known for so long?
It is. But maybe crazy Claire shouldn’t hang around in my mind for too long. That could be dangerous.

Is that something that happens a lot with actresses?
I think men get the same offers as well (laughs). There was a rumor in an Australian tabloid about Robert Pattinson that said he was pregnant. I remember him telling me this. I just cracked up. What has the world come to?

Are you worried that you’re going to be answering questions about “Lost” for the rest of your life?
No, I really think it’s great.


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