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Q13 Fox Anchor Bill Wixey became an extra on “The Good Guys”

Q13 Fox Anchor Bill Wixey became an extra on “The Good Guys” episode eight which aired yesterday on FOX. In “Hunches and Heists” he was cast as one half of a happy couple to appear in the background of a scene Colin Hanks and Bradley Whitford were shooting across the street.

[…] After one take I was pretty sure that Bradley Whitford noticed the fine acting that was being displayed. And as it turns out, I was right. He did notice. “You were across the street”, Whitford tells me. “I wouldn’t consider yourself a great extra. My advice is less. Most people go with opposing hands when walking, but you were going with kind of a llama thing.”

I told him and Colin Hanks that I was hoping to get noticed and clearly it worked. “We’ll see if you make the final cut”, Hanks says.

As it turned out, I didn’t make the final cut on the street scene.

But Fox Anchor Bill Wixey got his big chance after one of the crew members asked him, if he wanted to change roles and become a uniformed officer and he appeared as “Officer #3” on the show.

Please make sure to read his article How Q13 Fox Anchor Bill Wixey Became An Extra On Monday’s Episode of Fox’s “The Good Guys”. A video clip is available, as well.