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Men of a Certain Age returns this Summer

Majandra: On set of MenOfACertainAge with the tightest dress ever. My boobs hurt they're so smooshed! As already reported, Majandra Delfino is guest starring on “Men of a certain age”.

The TNT show is returning this Summer with the second half of the season with Majandra as guest star. She plays a young woman namend Stella in the episodes #2.08 and #2.09. She shared a picture from her wardrobe fitting with her followers on Twitter in October 2010.

The actress had the chance to watch one episode already. She tweeted on January 20, 2011: “Men of a certain age episode looking good. Who wears short shorts? Me apparently!”

TNT hasn’t announced a premiere date for the second half of the season yet. For more information on the show, please visit www.tnt.tv/series/menofacertainage

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Majandra guest stars on “Men Of A Certain Age”, October 18th, 2010