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Save LUX Campaign – Update

The Lux-Source.com “Saving Guide” team decided to expand the postcard campaign:

Write Oprah…

Oprah is the next person we should contact to try and help us save Life Unexpected! She recently found her long lost half-sister. She would LOVE a show about a family reuniting!!

What do you all think? Let’s write to her and add her to the Postcard Campaign!

The Oprah Campaign will begin on February 1st.

Get your postcards ready to be sent out on February 1st. Timing is everything. We will make a much bigger impact by sending them out at the same time!

You can find the addresses at the link below. You can also send Oprah an E-mail at her website.
I suggest doing both.

How to Email Oprah Winfrey and Get Noticed | eHow.com

She needs to know why the show should be saved!

Please find out more by visiting the luxSAVING guide website.