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Life Unexpected – Face to Face with CW

You still have the chance to join the latest Save Life Unexpected Campaign “Face to Face with CW”.

Please read more and make sure to join:

Ok people we’re going to YouTube. “Face to Face with CW.”

We will be collecting fan videos, which will then be included in a video on YouTube. We may not be able to use each one, but we’ll see how many come in. I’ll be getting back to you soon on how and where to send you fan video.


1. Use your cell to create a video of yourself talking to CW about renewing Lux.
2. You may have to practice, because you only get a maximum of 15 seconds.
You don’t have to speak that long but you only get 15 seconds.
3. You may want to appear in family or fan groups, couples or all by yourself.
4. To our global fans, please join in even if you don’t think your English is good
5. If you do not speak English, record in your language. We all know you want Season 3 Lux.
6. We will use global fans to try to show that Lux counts all over.
7. Americans make sure you include your state, others include your country.
8. Be nice, we are asking for something. Let your heart do the talking.
9. You can be creative if you want, sing a song,write a poem or just talk.
10. We must trust our volunteer to develop&release this, no time for feedback.
11. Start thinking and putting your video together, must be submitted 3/29.
12. No stragglers, we want to be up by April, 4.

The deadline to submit tapes is MARCH 29. Here is the address to send your recording:
Please send them to ante.sosic@yahoo.de (Add a copy to lux-source@hotmail.com, too!)

Many thanks to Johanna for starting this campaign!

Please make sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and check out the Save Life UneXpected Facebook Community.

The CW will make the official decision in May, but on April 5, 2011 fans can finally own the twenty-six original episodes on DVD! To learn more about the campaigns head on over to luxSAVING guide and the Save LifeUneXpected Community on Facebook.

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