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Hulluna Saraan – Director speaks about LAOT

As tweeted earlier today, further articles on the production of Emilie de Ravin’s new project “Love and Other Troubles” were released. A summer party scene was filmed recently. Check out the articles below and take a look at the new set photos:

Swedish: LOST-stjärna spelar in film i Åbo, abounderrattelser.fi, July 27, 2011
Finnish: Hulluna Saraan kuvataan Turussa, ts.fi, July 26, 2011

Samuli Valkama, the director of the movie describes the film as an almost romantic comedy. He explains to the press, that it’s a difficult genre because so many movies are made in that style. Valkama tries to do something new with the genre. His film focuses not on love only, but also on the relationship between a father and his son.

Emilie de Ravin reveals that it’s interesting to play in a bilingual movie, since it opens the door to a new type of comedy.

For news and updates visit the page for the Finnish/Englisch production on Facebook. The page for the film is located here: Hulluna Saraan / Love And Other Troubles

The Finnish title for the film is “Hulluna Saraan” (Crazy about Sara) since the former child star Ville and his eccentric father both fall in love with the American line-dancing teacher Sara.