Emilie de RavinJason BehrLeadingWilliam Sadler

TV Appearances For Emilie, Bill and Jason

Thanks to Barbara for this.

Hey, I was browsing www.gist.com and I searched for any tv appearances the cast of Roswell was going to be on and I found a few.. but check your local listings for the right time or channel:

8/27 WGN – BeastMaster “The Demon Curupira” @ 9:30pm (Emilie De Ravin)
8/28 FX – Rush @ 12pm (William Sadler)
8/29 Cinemax – Die Hard 2 @ 12:50am (William Sadler)
9/02 WGN – Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey @ 10am (William Sadler)
9/02 WGN – BeastMaster “The Burning Forest” @ 2pm (Emilie De Ravin)
9/02 A&E – Cracker “Lemmings Will Fly” @ 3am (Jason Behr)