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Come Ring In 2020 With William Sadler

By • Dec 26th, 2019 • Category: William Sadler

William Sadler is opening for Slam Allen and the Dan Brother Band. “Jazzed to be playing and singing New Year’s Eve at the Towne Crier Cafe, Beacon, NY.”, tweeted the actor and singer on December 25. What better way to welcome 2020 than by enjoying some high-energy performances and great dining? New Year’s Eve I’m […]

William Sadler Guest Stars On “Bull” – Monday, Dec. 10

By • Dec 7th, 2018 • Category: Leading, William Sadler

William Sadler announced on his official Facebook page, that he will be on our TV this coming Monday: FYI….In case you’ve said to yourself, “boy, I wish there was more Bill Sadler on TV, this may be just what you had in mind. This coming Monday at 10:00pm Eastern on CBS, yours truly does a […]

William Sadler In Sony’s Re-imagining of “The Grudge”

By • Jun 9th, 2018 • Category: William Sadler

William Sadler is starring in a re-imagining of the cult horror classic “The Grudge”. While the 2004 version with Sarah Michelle Gellar and Jason Behr was a remake of the Japanese horror movie “Ju-on: The Grudge” (2002) and it was filmed in Japan, this new movie is filmed in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Via IMDb: A […]

MAYbe Sheriff Valenti Developed Some Fun Alien Powers

By • May 22nd, 2018 • Category: Roswell, William Sadler

Yesterday we tweeted the following #MAYbeRoswell theory: “MAYbe Sheriff Valenti developed some fun alien powers.” William Sadler replied. He wrote: “That would be fun but like what?” Let us know your ideas!! If you’re on Twitter post your ideas here, post your theories in a comment on Facebook or write a comment below. MAYbe Sheriff […]

Silent Auction – Lunch Or Dinner With William Sadler

By • Oct 1st, 2017 • Category: Leading, William Sadler

Would you enjoy lunch or dinner with William Sadler? Bidding starts at $100 and all bids must received before 12:30pm Oct. 1st, 2017. Lunch Anyone? Tomorrow at the 2017 Annual Union Vale Democratic Brunch & Silent Auction, one of the items for sale is lunch or dinner with me. If you’re interested in helping raise […]

William Sadler Attends FearCon in Bonn, Germany

By • Sep 30th, 2017 • Category: Leading, William Sadler

William Sadler is going to attend FearCon in Bonn, Germany. The horror convention takes place from October 20th – 22nd at the Maritim Hotel Bonn. From the official website: FearCon 2017 – from October 20th until 22nd 2017 you have the unique opportunity to meet your favourite stars from horror movies and TV series at […]

“Power” Premieres June 25th on STARZ

By • Jun 9th, 2017 • Category: Leading, William Sadler

William Sadler had a blast on set of STARZ’ “Power”. Back in December 2016 he wrote on Twitter: “Great folks. Talented peeps! This keeps getting better.” and he added a little later “Can’t wait for the new season of Power to start. It’s an absolute blast to work on.” Yesterday, the premiere of the new […]