Jason BehrLeading

Jason survived World War III in the Eclectic Film Sales, Inc. production “Remnants”

Quietearth.us reports in their article Jason Behr and Jena Malone to survive WWIII in upcoming PA thriller REMNANTS that Jason Behr and Jena Malone are starring in the nuclear apocalypse movie “Remnants”. Shane West is also among the cast.

The movie is currently in pre-production. This information was published on the Eclectic Film Sales Inc. website on February 3, 2009:

February 3, 2009 – BERLIN EFM

Eclectic Film Sales, Inc. is pleased to announce that pre-production has begun on REMNANTS, an exciting sci-fi action-thriller starring Jason Behr (DRAGON WARS, THE GRUDGE), Jena Malone (INTO THE WILD, THE RUINS), and Shane West (WALK TO REMEMBER, DRACULA 2000).

SYNOPSIS: The nuclear apocalypse of World War 3 has ravaged Earth. Now for the few lucky survivors trapped in a rural Texas bomb shelter, life has become a dangerous game of life and death as they battle radiation sickness, hunger, and marauding gangs of violent refugees infected with a strange and terrible nuclear illness.

Budget: $5 Million

All Worldwide Right Available