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More UPN talk from Wanda’s chat

By • May 8th, 2001 • Category: Roswell

Thanks to mishedger for sending this in! Let’s hope she knows what she is talking about! From: Wanda’s 5/7/2001 chat From Elisabeth: If UPN gets Roswell, will there still be new episodes? Absolutely. And the more I’ve heard in the past few days, the more sure I am that’s what’s going down. Roswell’s production office […]

Celebrity Death Match: Futon Critic vs. Wanda

By • May 8th, 2001 • Category: Roswell

It’s really interesting if you put “Roswell UPN” into yahoo’s search engine. It seems that numerous sites are pitting the inside sources of E!Online’s Wanda, who’s rumor mill has it that Roswell is going to the UPN, against those of the Futon Critic, who says UPN has no room in the inn. The articles pitted […]

Crashdown, FF’s woes, and the “Honor System”

By • May 3rd, 2001 • Category: Roswell

I wanted to make sure people saw the announcements on the message boards, in case there are some who visit the crashdown site, but don’t go there. Please read this announcement: There has been some confusion as to what the loss of Fan Forum would mean to crashdown, and its continued existance. The fact is […]

Roswell Reinforces its Renewal Hopes

By • Apr 8th, 2001 • Category: Roswell

Thanks to thicket668 for sending this in! From ROSWELL REINFORCES ITS RENEWAL HOPES: Survival chances improved last night for the WB’s Roswell (2.0/5 in 18-49, 2.6/4 in homes), which earned its highest averages among adults 18-34 and persons 12-34 since the show’s second episode back on Oct. 13, 1999. The second-year teen drama also […]

Roswell Obit: R.I.P., Ms. Topolsky

By • Jan 8th, 2001 • Category: Julie Benz, Supporting

Thanks to scotlore for sending this in! From Roswell Obit: R.I.P., Ms. Topolsky Monday, January 08, 2001 Although on Roswell the laying of hands by an outer-space adolescent can heal gunshot wounds, Julie Benz isn’t hopeful that there is a resurrection in store for her high school guidance counselor/FBI alien hunter character, Ms. Topolsky. […]

Important Message from Jason Behr, on his official site

By • Sep 30th, 2000 • Category: Jason Behr, Leading

Thanks to Sublime Muffin for sending this in! This message appears on jason’s site regarding the SAG strike. There is a button for you to send an email also! A MESSAGE TO MY FANS- from Jason Behr I have been so blessed in having fans such as you and I am truly fortunate to […]

Say hey to Bill Sadler from Crashdown folk

By • Aug 29th, 2000 • Category: Leading, William Sadler

A couple of weeks back crashdown and entered into an affiliate agreement, where the sites would cross promote each other. From Crashdown’s point of view, we wanted to do this because Mr. Sadler has given us so much support in the past, and he is such an upright and righteous guy. I was just […]