Celebrity Death Match: Futon Critic vs. Wanda

It’s really interesting if you put “Roswell UPN” into yahoo’s search engine. It seems that numerous sites are pitting the inside sources of E!Online’s Wanda, who’s rumor mill has it that Roswell is going to the UPN, against those of the Futon Critic, who says UPN has no room in the inn.

The articles pitted against each other are:

Futon Critic vs. Wanda

I’m personally pulling for Wanda in this round.

It would seem from all accounts though that the WB has lost it. Look at the ratings from earlier this week. What do they expect could possibly happen to make the show any more popular? Yet they seem poised to throw it away.

This has been a very roller-coasterish couple of weeks. I guess I’m biased, but I think if the WB and UPN both disregard the power of the Roswell fans, then they both deserve to be second tier networks forever. And I find it hard to believe that anyone who thought enough of Roswell to send tabasco to either network, or to become involved in any of the multiple campagins we see every day, would go blindly to a network that disrespected them, just because some vampire shows and some Trekkie thing are going there. The “Forsaken”, which I liked a lot, found a tough audience here! And that had our boy in it even. And geeze, what is it with the trekkies. We have Mr. V, and Jonathan Frakes involved to the core, and never a mention from the WB of a Star Trek connection??????????

I see Star Trek and Roswell paired next year. Now that would be hot for a up and comer.

If the absolute worst happens, and neither network has the forsight to renew the show, I can only say thank you to all of you loyal fans who have been so good about supporting this. I promise you that crashdown (and Fan Forum, but thats a different bat-channel for a different bat-time) will survive this mess, and even without an on-going show, we still have 40+ hours of great TV to analyze again and again.

Working on crashdown the last two years is something that I will always treasure, and no one, no matter what title they have behind their name, or what network they represent, will take that away from me, or you who visit us.

The friendships I’ve made here, and the many who I have yet to interact with make this all worthwhile, and we will be here even if the networks cast us to the winds.

I am truly pulling for Wanda in this round of deathmatch. I think one of our TV critics is going to be eating crow next week. While FC is a very valued member of our community, we will still welcome him with open arms if he is wrong.

If Wanda is spouting sourceless gossip, I’d hope we don’t flame her, and give her thanks for giving us hope in a hopeless situation.

The next week may be tough. We have endured worse, and will continue to do so. Hang tough, and we will persevere, no matter the outcome of the decisons of those who hold our show’s future in thier hands.

The friendships, and connections that we have made are unbreakable, by even the biggest network exec, smashing us down with his biggest hammer.

Count that tabasco UPN dudes and dudettes! We double your non-Star Trek, non WWF audience by the virtue of being.


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