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Talk Magazin: What We Did On Our Summer Vacation

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Talk Magazine
May 2000

Abstracted from: What We Did On Our Summer Vacation

Meet the Hiatus Kids. When their hit TV shows brak for the summer, these young actors head for the big screen.

(Marcy Medina. Photos by Max Vadukul)

There was a time not so long ago when television stars on summer hiatus spent most of their time flat on their backs at the beach, resting. Some might gear themselves up for a “dramatic” role in a network movie of the week, or perhaps take up space on Hollywood Squares. Some. Not many.

In recent years, though, and especially shows during the fall and winter and spring have juggled their small-screen careers with big-screen dreams during TV’s summer hiatus […]

But of course not every actor is scrambling to be back at the grind come summer. Being on a hit show does allow for a certain measure of security. Roswell’s Jason Behr has the attitude down: “I’m not in any rush to get work just to have work. If the right job comes along, I’ll take it. Otherwise, I’ll take a vacation.”


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