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Katherine Launches the “I Hate Balls” Campaign

Today, Katherine Heigl launches her campaign to help save the world… by eliminating testicles. The Hollywood actress announced via Facebook:

Today I am launching a fundraising campaign called I Hate Balls! that promotes the spaying & neutering of pets to help save the lives of millions of animals killed in shelters every year.

It kicks off with the launch of a new website http://ihateballs.com/ (check it out!) and a hilarious video produced by Funny Or Die.

Please, please show your support guys – the need is really desperate. Visit http://ihateballs.com for all the info and ways you can help!

Share this with anyone and everyone! Thanks so much!!!

Please head on over to the brand new website www.ihateballs.com and learn more. There you can watch the brilliant promotion video, as well. It is a MUST-watch! The Funny or Die clip features Katherine’s husband Josh Kelley too. In addition, a shop can be found on the campaign website. Show your support and help fix the pet overpopulation crisis with cool t-shirts, hip underwear and groovy gear.

Make sure to check it out and share the link on your Facebook and Twitter page. Help save lives and make a difference.

Official websites: