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Emilie de Ravin Talked About Her Former Co-Stars

On January 12, the Finnish website lily.fi released a short interview with Emilie de Ravin. They asked her about her co-stars Jussi Nikkilä, Robert Pattinson, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Jason Behr.

Emilie shared about Jussi Nikkilä that he is an honest and open person and above all funny. Emilie had a lot of fun on the “Remember Me” set as well, “Robert made me laugh all the time, even when he didn’t try to be funny. He is thoughtful, honest, and he has no ego at all. He is the opposite of arrogant.” In 2005, Emilie starred in the independent movie “Brick” alongside Joseph Gordon-Levitt. She told the mag that Joseph is a great guy with the ability to make people feel welcome and at ease.

When lily.fi asked her about her former Roswell co-star Jason Behr, Emilie told them that they are really testing her memory. “At that time I was an eighteen year old beginner and Roswell was my first big acting job. I asked Jason and the others for advices all the time and I asked them to tell me how things work. He was very supportive and a good friend.”

“Love and Other Troubles” will hit cinemas in Finland on January 27, 2012. The official Facebook page LoveAndOtherTroubles confirmed, that Emilie de Ravin will return to Finland this month. She will visit the film premiere for invited guests.

Fans from Finland can win tickets for the movie premiere for invited guests on January 19th which takes place in Helsinki. Make sure to visit www.lily.fi for more information. Good luck!