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“Naleigh Moon” – Music Video

Katherine Heigl directed the music video for Josh Kelley’s single “Naleigh Moon”. Read more about it on joshkelley.com:

Josh Kelley Releases New Music Video for Song About His Daughter, “Naleigh Moon”

Josh Kelley Releases New Music Video for Song About His Daughter, “Naleigh Moon” Nashville, TN — MCA Nashville singer/songwriter Josh Kelley releases his new and most personal music video yet for the loving song about his daughter “Naleigh Moon.”

The video is a warm family affair with Josh’s wife, actress Katherine Heigl, sitting in the director’s chair. The video features home footage of the couple with their adopted three year old daughter, Naleigh. The song “Naleigh Moon” appears on Josh’s 2011 acclaimed album, Georgia Clay, and was co-written with Georgia Clay producer Clint Lagerberg.

“I knew you [Heigl] were going to do a great job and you’re an awesome story teller,” Josh says to Heigl at their family home. He adds, “Also, I knew you would do it for free.” The video was shot in Los Angeles and includes home footage of Naleigh over the past couple of years.

When asked about the first reactions to the video, Josh replies, “People loved it. My manager showed it to the record label. The CEO from the record label called me and said, ‘We just played the video for the whole label and over half the people were crying.’”

See the video for yourself here: http://www.joshkelley.com/naleigh_moon/ or watch below.

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