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Shiri Is An Aspiring Author

On January 16th, “Chapter Four: Rise and Shine” of the nine-episode web-series “Dating Rules from My Future Self” is going to air. In “Dating Rules” Shiri Appleby not only plays the lead role, app designer Lucy, but also serves as producer. In current interviews, the busy actress who recently finished the holiday movie “A White Trash Christmas” as well, revealed that she is working on some some further projects already.

“Right now, I’m writing a book about dating,” Shiri told yourtango.com on January 6th. “It’s called “Searching For Mr. Appleby,” and it’s going out to publishers at the end of the month.” She added “I’m also producing a show and a feature. Staying busy!”

We will have to wait patiently for more information on her producing projects… but we found some further information about her book. Cupid’s Pulse chatted with Shiri Appleby about her new web series, how it relates to her personal life and she told them about the book she is been writing, that it is about “how I’ve found myself and I tell it through all of the guys I’ve dated.”

We can’t wait!