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“Spiderman” Painting Is Up For Auction

You can bid on a Spiderman painting from Majandra on Ebay.

“Back in 2000 somebody painted somebody else a painting that would make all spiderman fans swoon.
After time and many life changes, the painting found its way back to the painter. Said painter was at first understanding then grew frustrated with spiderman, who seemed to mock her with every glance. Thus, in a fit of art and anger, said painter glossed over him with a sheer white curtain to curtail but never conceal her aggravating but inarguably beautiful Spider Man. For how are months spent painting something you love so much, ever looked back on with anything but love and admiration? Touché dear Spidey, touché.”

Here is the link to the auction, which ends in 2 days 10 hours: the Spiderman painting by Majandra Delfino

The lucky winner of the auction will receive a call from the artist as well. “Whoever wins the Spiderman painting will also get a call from me and just might get the secret to its history. ;) Can’t wait to see…,” Majandra wrote on her Twitter page.

Happy bidding and good luck!

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