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VH-1 My Music Awards 2001

Thank you to Stef for this. I’ll post some news items now since I’m off work today and some later this afternoon after I accomplish my goal of finding the rest of my Halloween costume for work. (This brunette so cannot wait to be blond for a day!!!)

I am not sure if this was mentioned before, but maybe this would be something to get everybody to stick together and get the word out:

It’s time for the voting on VH1 My Music awards 2001 which will be held on 12/2/01.

One of the categories everybody can vote on is:

Best actor in a video

Let’s unite and vote for Brenden (U2) and/or Shiri (Bon Jovi). So far they are not YET an option to directly vote on, but there is the option to vote

Other and then fill in the blank…

if enough of us vote, they will add them…

Let’s get ROSWELL mentioned during the 2001 VH1 MY Music Awards!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The link: