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William Sadler – Starpulse Interview

Jason Coleman from Starpulse spoke with William Sadler about his past work, which includes “The Shawshank Redemption”, “Roadracers” or “The Green Mile”. William Sadler also talks about one of his very first television roles on the 80’s TV show “The Equalizer” and the first time he worked with David Nutter on “Disturbing Behavior”. In addition, one question centers on “Roswell”.

Another notable TV show that you played a great part on was the series “Roswell” – what were your feelings about that show?

WS: I enjoyed “Roswell” a lot and I had a lot of fun playing Jim Valenti. I had never done a show that lasted as long as that – that one lasted three years. I had done lots of guest spots and series that didn’t go very far and I just found it fascinating to play a character who every week you get a script and it’s like turning the page and there’s a whole new chapter in your characters life. It was fun to watch the character grow and develop over time – I didn’t find it stagnate at all or stifling. My character had a past that just never repeated itself ever. And then of course I wanted to direct and learn about directing and they allowed me to direct the second to last episode of the third year, which was an extraordinary experience for me. It was life changing and a real eye opener to be on the other side of the camera.

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