Roswell Read-a-thon – The Outsider #1 – Join Us!

“One Sigourney Weaver and one Will Smith.”

Today, the Roswell Read-a-thon starts. Dig up the first book from Melinda Metz’s “Roswell High” series and let’s start reading the Roswell books together.

We want a Roswell Movie: “Ok, folks! Wherever you live, feel free to start diving into the first Roswell book whenever midnight hits, and Sunday begins! Feel free to post any discussion topics or comments you have read here on the events page. I will be posting some discussion topics towards the end of Sunday night!”

If you don’t own the books, please make sure to check out eg. Simon & Schuster, Barnes and Noble or Amazon.

There, “The Outsider” is available as e-book version.

Order: Simon & Schuster Adobe DRM (eBook) | NOOK Book (eBook) | | Kindle Edition

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