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Lifetime Airs “Held Hostage” With Julie Benz

“Held Hostage” is scheduled to air again on Lifetime. The original Lifetime movie premiered on July 19, 2009 with Julie Benz starring as Michelle Estey.

The tv movie will air on Friday, August 24th at 2 PM.

Official Synopsis:

Three masked men break into the home of Michelle Estey- assistant bank Vice President- and hold her and her daughter, Breea, hostage. When dawn breaks, they tape dynamite to the victims and prepare them for the ultimate demand: Michelle is going to rob her own bank, or Breea will die. Miraculously, they survive, but as the FBI’s case unfolds, the case takes a startling detour. Michelle’s innocence is called into question, and the traumatized victim is now the number one suspect.

“Held Hostage” is based on the true story and book of the same title by Michelle Renee.

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