Merry Christmas Roswellians

We hope you enjoyed Crashdown’s own version of an Advent Calendar.

If you haven’t watched one of the great Roswell Christmas episodes in this holiday season yet, now is the time to do so… and they will definitely get you into the spirit of the season… if you are not already.

Jason Katims wrote both Roswell Christmas episodes with Patrick Norris directing. “A Roswell Christmas Carol” aired on December 18th, 2000 and is one of Katim’s favorites:

“Another episode we did, in the second season, A Roswell Christmas Carol is an episode that I really love and what’s interesting in that episode that there’s not a lot of story. It’s just this very simple emotional story, where Max has to deal with this idea that if he has these powers to heal, what are his responsibilities to the world in using them.” He added “It’s an episode that I feel like I’m going to watch at Christmas, that I’ll be able to get the tape out and watch it. At least for me personally it will be one of those Christmas movies that you watch to sort of get you into the spirit of the season,” he said to BBC when the episode first aired.

Merry Christmas Roswellians!! Hope you guys have a good one.

EDIT: The Roswell Advent Calendar 2012 has been deleted.

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  • Hello fellow Roswellians and I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas!
    I got the entire ‘Dawson’s Creek’ box set for christmas which made my day! I have been watching it every chance I get since and was extremely happy when I reached the first Jason Behr episode today!! Yes, his character isn’t too appealing but I love simply seeing him.

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