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Sherryn’s Exclusive Interview with Brendan Fehr

In 2011 Brendan Fehr headed back to Roswell, but he did not reprise his role as Michael Guerin – he joined the independent movie “Roswell FM”.

Sherryn Daniel had the rare opportunity to do a phone interview with Brendan. As a special Valentine’s gift, she released her Q&A with Mr. Fehr yesterday.

She spoke with him about the romantic comedy “Roswell FM” and she sneaked in two “Roswell” questions, as well. Thanks for that! It’s a fun read, so please make sure to read her Exclusive Interview with Brendan Fehr now.

Brendan Fehr Q + A

SD: So Brendan, I was wondering if you still get recognized from your past days as “Michael Guerin” from “Roswell”

BF: Yeah, I still do get recognized every once in awhile. More so on the East Coast than on the West Coast. Like, I get recognized a lot in New York City for playing the character but I get more recognition for my character on CSI: Miami on golf courses in the West Coast. It surprises me but I do get a fair amount of recognition.

SD: Do you still keep in touch with cast members from “Roswell”?

Umm.. a little bit. I definitely keep in touch with […]

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