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Find here a listing of all 22 episodes of the fanfiction:


Roswell: Season 4 – The Final Chapter is a Fan-Fiction Text Book spin-off that continued the story of the characters from the TV series after it was canceled after only airing for 3 seasons.

EP401: New Beginnings
EP402: The Party’s Over
EP403: Cry
EP404: Pressure and Uncertainty
EP405: Misleadings
EP406: Checkmate
EP407: Truths Exposed
EP408: The Holiday Surprise
EP409: Erosion
EP410: The Past Comes Alive
EP411: The Return
EP412: Amalgamation
EP 413: Adjustment
EP 414: Moving Day
EP 415: Times of Change
EP 416: Transitions
EP 417: Storm Front
EP 418: Going Home Again
P 419: Absolution
EP 420: Make A Stand
EP 421: Discovery
EP 422: Only The Beginning

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