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Majandra & David Welcome Son Louis Augustus

Congratulations to David Walton and Majandra Delfino. The couple welcomed their 2nd child Louis Augustus on November 10th, 2013. The little boy was born a month before his due date. “Louis (pronounced LOU-ee) is as healthy as can be,” David tells People exclusively. “We couldn’t be happier with our very early Christmas gift.”

The couple decided to not finding out the baby’s gender until Majandra gave birth.

From People.com:

In Ojai, Calif. at the time, the couple were caught off-guard when their son “decided to begin his journey into the world” weeks ahead of his anticipated arrival.

Following an “action-packed trip back to Los Angeles” — which included one quick hospital visit and a “close call on the side of the road” — Louis Augustus Walton arrived at Cedars-Sinai weighing in at 8 lbs., 7 oz.

When Majandra was pregnant with her first child, she filmed a pilot for ABC. She told People with a laugh “I did this pilot, The Family Trap, with Mandy Moore and I played a drunk. I was eight months pregnant. They did such a good job of hiding it and it was really interesting — I had to be this waistoid and all the while had this baby inside of me kicking. It was just so funny.”

This time, Majandra’s pregnancy was written into her new multi-cam sitcom “Friends With Better Lives”.

“It’s going to be all crazy couples stuff that happens when you’re expecting, so it should be really funny.” she said. “I feel so bad for everyone at work because I’m [the] pregnant girl. I’m the person who’s like, ‘No guys, I really feel like my character should be sitting in this scene.“ She recently tweeted a picture of her thank you gift to the crew. Please scroll down and check out the cute cupcakes.

Her new show “Friends With Better Lives” is scheduled to launch mid-season on CBS. Next year, Majandra’s husband David Walton is back on TV, as well. He is starring in the upcoming NBC show “About a Boy” from Jason Katims. The series is based on the Nick Hornby novel with the same name. Please check out the official website www.nbc.com/about-a-boy/ and find out more about the series.

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