Baron And Toluca

Roswell Fans Want “Original Unique Nostalgia”

“Baron And Toluca” is an original show, starring two of Roswell’s original cast members Brendan Fehr and Majandra Delfino. It’s a unique idea, suitable for not only TV viewers who enjoyed Roswell in their teens/early adulthood, but also for supporters of shows with sci-fi elements.

Especially those who just love a good character driven show with a centralized love-hate relationship — where everybody holds their collective breath waiting to see if those characters end up together. And who could possibly forget all those well-included little easter-eggs Roswellians have noticed in that mere five minute trailer?

B+T is not a reboot, it is a revelation. There’s no doubt we’ll all be avidly watching for more!

Its fresh, new, and while we were searching for the perfect way to describe B+T, Brendan Fehr found it: It’s #OriginalUniqueNostalgia!

B+T needs your voice!

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B+T Power Week: Saturday, January 12 – January 19th, 2019
Hashtags: #BandTfor2019 and #OriginalUniqueNostalgia

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Jake Baron and Toluca Mendez are a new paranormal team to watch out for! @Netflix please pick up #BandTfor2019! We want #OriginalUniqueNostalgia with #BaronAndToluca (Click and tweet!)

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From Guerin and DeLuca to Baron and Toluca, it’s time for some #OriginalUniqueNostalgia! Give me #BandTfor2019! (Click and tweet!)