Roswell, New Mexico | Michael Vlamis On Michael Guerin

A second “Roswell, New Mexico” character clip has been pubished. Michael Vlamis plays Michael Guerin in the second adaption and he is talking about his character. .

Watch it and tune into “Roswell, New Mexico” on Tuesday, January 15 at 9/8c on The CW. The show is available the next day free only on The CW App. You are living outside of the U.S.? Check out this post and be sure to let us know, if you can add anything: When Will “Roswell, New Mexico” Premiere?

ALEX: What are you doing in this trailer? Sure as hell doesn’t look legal.
MICHAEL: A little weed. Lot of casual sex. Oh and covert plans to violently overthrow the government.

Michael: Michael Guerin is troubled but brilliant.

ISABEL: You can get another job, maybe one that’s not on the site of the crash, that killed our family members in a fiery explosion.

Michael: He’s the kind of guy who feels like humanity has failed him. And he just wants to get back to wherever he’s from.

ISABEL: We are family.
MICHAEL: No, we’re not.

MICHAEL: Max and Isobel were adopted to a great family. The day Mr. and Mrs. Evans walked into the group home, and they picked you two ad they left me behind. That was decided.

Michael: It is something that I think my character always envied and while that was going on, I was bouncing around from home to home. Michael Guerin’s got some powers that he can not control. It’s all of his anger and he’s the one alien that doesn’t control powers the best.

MICHAEL: I’m a choco-holic.