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Seventeen.com: Dynamic Duo

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Seventeen: Dynamic Duo

Roswell’s Shiri and Majandra share their prom memories and passions.

by Holly Richmond

In our March issue, Roswell’s real-life friends Shiri Appleby and Majandra Delfino dish on their prom memories, fave foods and current passions. They tell us about Shiri’s charitable side and Majandra’s musical prowess, and the actresses speak candidly about the four months when they didn’t speak to each other.

Here’s more of what the gals had to say about friendship, music and being honest:

Shiri on friends: I’ve had the same friends since elementary school and junior high. There’s a bond that we share because I grew up with them and I don’t have to explain myself. They know why I’m getting upset about certain things…Guy friends are great, but having girlfriends that you can really relate to makes you feel complete and they give you confidence. They watch out for you and help you when you fall.