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Katherine Heigl – Round 2 – Valentine Junket

Thanks to Yoss for this. Follow the link for the entire interview.

Jack Ruby’s interview

Katherine Heigl – scared as hell and armed with a teeny-weeny scalpel in
Valentine – Warner Brothers

INTERVIEW: Katherine Heigl – Round 2 – Valentine Junketeering
Day Four of the Valentine Non-Stop Countdown Slasher Week Extravaganza
Author: Smilin` Jack Ruby
Date: 2/1/01

Katherine Heigl was the fourth and final actor/actress fed to the press on
the junket date and though I’d talked with her at the L.A. Comic Con, here
we were again. Again, one of the most beautiful actresses I’ve gotten to
interview (though Embeth Davidtz still reigns supreme to some degree) and,
like the last time, rather forthcoming about her interest in gore.

She was also munching Dots and got them caught in her teeth as she talked
with us, but hey, she brought enough for the whole class.